Culinary Union members march down the Strip in hopes of returning to their jobs

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Sandoval was among a sea of marchers on Las Vegas Boulevard.

He's still unable to return to the job he's had for 36 years because that restaurant hasn't reopened.

"My job was a great job," said Sandoval. "It was one job that provided for me, my wife, and my kids."

"It was so hard before, so stressful," said Elizabeth Renteria, who says she was able to return to her job in April, more than a year after being furloughed. "Because not working during the pandemic it was so hard. For me I have three children who depend on me, so it was very hard."

The Culinary Union led the way down the Strip.

The union saying 21,000 of its members still haven't been able to return to their previous work, jobs they say are important for Vegas' economy as well.

"We just invited people to come to Las Vegas," said Geoconda Argüello-Kline, secretary and treasurer of the Culinary. "And we want to have full-service restaurants. We want to have full daily cleaning, sanitizing. We want to come back stronger."

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