Knocking on nearly half a million doors

Nevada's powerful Culinary Workers Union deployed door-to-door canvassers starting Aug. 1 — earlier than it has in previous years because of the pandemic. The union endorsed Biden.

Many of its 60,000 mostly Latino members work in the state's casinos, hotel and service industry and associated tourism, which was brought to a halt as Covid-19 case numbers rose and as workers were sickened and others were furloughed or let go.

The union's mobilizing machinery became key as the pandemic also pulled the plug on person-to-person contact with Latino voters and large campaign events for months — and as early polls showed soft enthusiasm for Biden among Latinos nationally.

Bethany Khan, the union's spokeswoman, said canvassers knocked on nearly half a million doors in Las Vegas and Reno and spoke to 40,000 Latino voters.

"Ever since Trump took office, he's been a threat to the livelihood of workers and our families," Khan said, adding that 54 union members or their family members have died from Covid-19 since March.