Tell IRS: We deserve FAIR TIP Allocation rates!

Email the IRS to request a meeting about the unfair TIP Allocation rates!

PHOTOS: Picket at Palace Station

Workers at 9 Station Casinos properties fight for a contract. #NoContractNoPeace!

Culinary Union celebrates 86 years!

WATCH new video highlighting key moments in 2020 for the Culinary Union

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: COVID-19 worker safety law

First-in-nation law protects all workers in hospitality industry in Vegas/Reno.

Virtual Front Desk

Find contact information for Culinary Union departments, affiliates, and request assistance.

Vegas Union Guide

Support union workers while you travel. Find a union casino, casino resort, hotel, restaurant, bar or other business where Culinary Union members are employed.

Fight an Eviction

Apply for rent assistance, pursue application, respond to requests & to an eviction notice in court, & ask for a mediation.