Culinary Union to ask North Las Vegas City Council to green light rent measure

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The Culinary's rent control measure would limit rent hikes to increases in inflation, capped at 5% a year. It's needed, claims the union, because rent for a one-bedroom in North Las Vegas has jumped 47% from 2019 to 2022.

And that's not news to union member Elida Amador. Amador owns a home now, but her adult son was renting. His rent had been $750 a month, she says.

“He received a letter and email that say, oh, the next month you need to pay 15 (hundred). Say what? It's a lot. It's a double,” she told me.

The union says it represents more than 7,300 members who live in North Las Vegas, 21% of whom say their rent has gone up $500.

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