Labor Day: Binion’s steakhouse server wants right to return to work

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After 36 years as a Binion’s employee, he just wants to go back to work. Sandoval has been a union member for 39 years and he’s a shop steward for Culinary Local 226, which keeps him busy as the Top of Binion’s Steakhouse remains closed.

What’s on his mind?

Sandoval doesn’t hesitate: “Hope — that right to return to work.”

"Hope can take us a long ways. And I need some hope, because this whole pandemic, it’s no fault of the employee. I don’t know if it’s an act of man, an act of God,” Sandoval says. “But you know what? We just need some hope. Because this city is going to recover. The people are going to come back. I just want a job to go back to when the people come back. We helped build this city. The least the city can do for us is save our jobs, you know? Save our jobs."

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