Las Vegas hospitality workers set date to vote on potential strike

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"Since the pandemic, there has been a difference in guest behavior and a lack of security guards to deal with problems," said Aretha Wilder, who has been a cocktail server at the Flamingo for 27 years. "Last year, there was an incident at the bar. A guest started shouting racial slurs at one of the cocktail servers who was behind the bar. He ended up spitting his drink on the waitress and trying to steal another guest's bag before leaving. We need to be better protected and safer while at work."

Another issue that was brought up includes protecting jobs and included health care and severance pay for workers who are laid off because of new technology.

"We have to think about what the next five years will bring," said LaDonna Teeters, a bartender at Park MGM. "We need to continue to have advance notice of any new technology coming into the workplace, the right to negotiate over new technology that is going to be implemented, have access to and re-training for any new jobs created because of technology, and a safety net."

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