'Roaring back': How Las Vegas' famed restaurant scene has prepared for reopening

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“Half our union is still not back to work. We have half the union back to work and the other half is still waiting for the jobs. Waiting for when they call them back,” said Geocanda Argüello-Kline, secretary-treasurer for the Culinary Union.

She said the union, and the 60,000 hospitality workers in the state of Nevada it represents, are thrilled that Vegas is back to 100% capacity. They're concerned that some workers who were let go during the pandemic could be brought back at lower wages, lose their seniority or not offered their jobs back at all.

The union pushed for Senate Bill 386, which recently passed the legislature. It guarantees the right to return to those industry workers laid off after March 12, 2020, who had been on the job for at least six months prior. It's currently awaiting the signature of the governor.

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