Sisolak announces details of Phase Two reopening after initial delay

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“I urge everyone to proceed very deliberately and very carefully,” Culinary Local 226 Secretary-Treasurer Geoconda Arguello Kline said during public comment.  The union represents some 60,000 hotel workers including housekeepers, cocktail waitresses, and food servers.

The union is fighting to protect the physical and economic health of its workers. 

Arguello-Kline noted that suggestions such as scaling back on daily room cleaning in favor of a deep cleaning before check-in forces employers to choose “between safety and profit.” 

We need to provide daily cleaning of guest rooms to ensure early and prompt detection of potential COVID-19 cases,” Arguello-Kline told the Gaming Control Board. “What happens if someone who arrives in Vegas asymptomatic, develops symptoms here, and decides to hole up in their room for a couple of days instead of asking for medical attention?” 

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