Super Bowl fans are flooding Vegas with cash. Don’t bet on a big windfall for workers.

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The Culinary Workers Union Local 226, which represents over 60,000 Las Vegas hospitality employees — from bartenders and guest room attendants to laundry and kitchen staff at resort casinos on and off the Strip — reached tentative contract agreements with major operators days ahead of the Super Bowl. The deals are expected to push the average member’s earnings up from around $28 an hour, including their benefits, to $37 an hour including benefits over five years, said union spokeswoman Bethany Khan.

Santa Cruz, who works for a food and beverage contractor at the stadium and is involved in efforts to join the culinary union, said he’s hoping to “break at least $350” in tips on Sunday but added, “That’s not a guarantee.” He said he typically pulls in around $200 in gratuities during NFL games.

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