Super Bowl Tix: $9,000. Pay for the Workers Pouring $18 Beers: $14.25 an Hour

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Many of those workers are now organizing to join the culinary union, which held a press conference last week. One worker, Vickey Powell, explained that she has been a cashier at the stadium for four years as a contractor for food and beverage company Levy, and making just $13 an hour. “I know how hard it is to work more than one job to just to make ends meet, to take care of your family,” Powell said.

Through tears, she explained that after her son died in 2021, she kept coming to work. “When I should have been at home grieving and setting up my son’s funeral, I dedicated myself to the Raiders stadium and Levy to come in and be that worker that they asked me to be. And all I’m asking is that y’all help us get the pay and the fairness we deserve due to everything we do.”

In a letter to Raiders president Sandra Douglass Morgan, D. Taylor, the president of Unite Here, which oversees the culinary union, noted that the employees at Allegiant who are unionized are able to qualify by adding the seasonal hours they work at Allegiant to hours they work at other union jobs. As a result, they have access to health insurance, pensions, job security, and more. 

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