'The worst of all the catastrophes' recedes in Vegas

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Matthew Seevers spent 15 years bartending at Station Casino but was let go last March. He's been trying to support his wife and two children with part-time work, but says the bills have been stacking up.
"I thought at most I'd be out of work for three months or whatever it took to get this crisis under control," Seevers said. "Never would I have thought a year from now, we would be still here waiting to get our jobs back."

Seevers is hoping for the passage of a bill, SB386, which aims to give workers who lost their hospitality and travel jobs due to the pandemic the right to return to jobs when business reopens or resumes operations.

The so-called "Right to Return" legislation would force large-scale casino, hotel, stadium and travel-related industries to offer laid-off employees their jobs back before offering the jobs to other people -- allowing them to retain their seniority and benefits.

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