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Established as a result of the 2007 collective bargaining agreement, the Culinary and Bartenders Housing Partnership has placed over 1,700 Culinary Union members have bought their first homes with help from the Culinary and Bartenders Housing Fund, which has provided over $12.5 million in down payment assistance and closing costs. 

If you are a worker covered by the Culinary and Bartenders’ union contract who has at least 2,000 hours of service over a three-year period, then you are eligible for the housing benefit that helps workers obtain the dream of homeownership.

The Culinary and Bartenders Housing Partnership provides the following benefits:

* Homebuyer education and pre-purchase counseling in English and Spanish
* Post-purchase workshops (in English & Spanish), including foreclosure prevention
* First-time homebuyer down payment assistance loans

The Culinary and Bartenders Housing Partnership provides up to $20,000 in assistance to purchase your first home!

✊ The Housing Fund has helped 1,700+ Culinary Union members buy their first homes since 2007. Culinary Union member Ericka was able to become a homeowner 🏡 thanks to her good union benefits! Congratulations! https://t.co/fh0tVoK6EH #SISEPUDO pic.twitter.com/yq0PEYsn1z

— Culinary Union (@Culinary226) February 22, 2023

Key elements of the program include:

Foreclosure Prevention Assistance:

Please contact the Housing Programs department, if you own your own home and you are:

  1. Currently behind in your mortgage payments.
  2. Received a notice of loan default or breach in the mail.
  3. Received a notice of foreclosure sale of your home.

Contact the Housing Partnership: (702) 844-8000 or go online.

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