You have the right to protection from sexual harassment and discrimination at work. Your Culinary Union contract enforces that right.

Please report incidents immediately to your Employer and call your union at: (702) 385-2131. We can help.

8 ways Culinary Union members are protected:

1. Men and women in union positions are paid the same (while across the United States, women are paid $.79 cents for every dollar a man earns).

2. Culinary Union members can have medical leave for up to 6 months.

3. You can have leave up to 18 months for maternity, placement of child (adoption/foster), and child bonding. You are able to return back to work with job, seniority, shift, and wages protected.

4. You have a voice and choice in uniform in regards to wearing pants or skirts, high-heel size, shoe types, ability to negotiate against skimpy revealing uniforms, diverse range of uniform sizes, and accommodating maternity uniform options.

5. Older workers cannot be discriminated against or denied work opportunities and promotions.

6. You are protected against sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and when cases arise, there is a clear grievance procedure so that you have a pathway to justice; and with the Culinary Union’s advocacy, can win lost wages or be brought back to work if unfairly retaliated against/ terminated.

7. There is contract language detailing security in regards to employee parking lots being well-lit, patrolled, and maintained.

8. Culinary Union members have no monthly-premium family health care, with free generic prescription drugs, low copays, and full-coverage benefits including mental health counseling, and drug and alcohol treatment.

We do not tolerate the harassment or assault of any member we represent.

If you experience harassment or assault, please report such incidents immediately to your Employer and call your union at: (702) 385-2131. We can help.

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